06.10.2011 Latest News: October

Hi everyone! It's been 6 months so I guess it's high time to make an update. Things have been going slowly last times. We are outnumbered as we have never been before. We really need your help guys! Anyway, that doesn't mean there is no progress to show. Here take a look at some of our latest creations!

Tenement Level - Work in Progress

Tenement Level - Work in Progress

Although the world of The Last Days is almost completely devoided of any life or recent human activity, from time to time player encounters some strange phenomena like a blinking, but still working light.

Soldier Final

Our soldier - fully armoured and, what's more important, fully textured!


Soldier Soldier Soldier


Finally, although our project is far from being dead (we don't even consider such option!) we need  people to fill the following posts:

  • Environment Artists - Creating environments from scratch is a particulary long process. We need people who know how to model staticmeshes, texture them and create materials in UDK.
  • Character Artist - We are looking for someone who is able to model high poly and low poly characters, texture them and bake normal maps.
  • AI Programmer - Our monsters are really dumb right now. We need someone with prior experience in AI scripting.
  • Animator - Although there is one animator in the team, we still need more people to bring our monsters to life.

To apply you need to know how to rig and animate characters.5)Level Designers - We need a few experienced level designers who are able to work with UDK Editor. If you are interested in working with us please let me know by sending an email to TAP-CHAN@hotmail.com or iccthelastdays@gmail.com Looking forward to hear from you!